About Us

Who we are

We are company of young and smart russian professionals. Our coworkers have a lot of experience in different areas, such as import, e-commerce, marketing, call-center and web-retail.

Our mission

We promote popular in China and in the world products to the Russian retail market. So if you've got an interesting product to sell, and you offer good price and terms, your product will become popular in Russia as well due to our work.

Our requirements

Our warehouse located at Guangzhou. After we send you a prepeyment we will ask you to do two things:
  • 1) to pay export fees;
  • 2) to deliver your goods to our warehouse in Guangzhou.

How it works

Step 1

Step one

You have a very popular product by the cheapest price in stock.
Step 2

Step two

Contact us and give the detail information about your popular products. We start marketing research in Russian retail market.
Step 3

Step three

We place an order. You send us a proforma invoice with FOB price (export taxes are paid by seller) and a packing list. We send you a payment.
Step 4

Step four

You prepare export documents and deliver the ordered goods to our warehouse at Guangzhou.
Step 5

Step five

We get your goods. We promote it. We work hard and sell it.
Step 6

Step six

We placed the second order, larger than the first.

How much does it cost?

It is free

All you need is to manufacture a really good product and offer us the cheapest price. We do the rest.


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